The Cleantech that can crunch the world

Valais Valeur Ajoutée, the journal of the local economy devotes a double page to RedElec Technology SA. Meeting with its director Dr. David Crettenand, who presents his personal path and the evolution of its company.

 RedElec Technology emerged through the development of a revolutionary process for the denim industry. Over the years, the company expanded its areas of research to reach today an innovative method of energy storage.

Article : RedElec Technologie, la Cleantech qui peut croquer le monde [Christophe Roulet, Valais Valeur Ajoutée, édition juillet-août-septembre 2014]

 Article in French : RedElec Technologie, The Cleantech thant can crunch the world [Christophe Roulet, Valais Valeur Ajoutée, July-August-September 2014]